Part 11: Ready for radiation

I’ve now met my Radiology Consultant and had the preparation appointment, so I am ready for 21 sessions of radiotherapy starting on 14 January. You have several small tattoos and I was apprehensive about them, but they just look like freckles and you’d have to be really looking to notice them. And everyone has told me that radiotherapy is not nearly as tough as chemotherapy. You can feel tired and your skin is likely to be sore, but nothing to worry about apparently. The challenge is logistics – every week-day for four weeks, plus one day means a lot of time traveling to and from appointments. But it’s all part of getting better and then, treatment will be finished.

Now, I am back at work after taking an extra week for recovery and am ready for a positive 2021. The world is still in a massive state of flux, but we are fortunate that the restrictions are not quite so limiting in Switzerland.

Thank you to every person who took the time to comment, like or send a message. My LinkedIn post got over 40,000 views… I became just a little obsessed at checking this!

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