Six months on – my new normal

Today (June 23 , 2021) marks a full six months since my last chemo treatment. I find it incredible. I feel amazing. It sometimes feels like it was another person, another life, when I reflect on what happened last year. My goal was that cancer didn’t take anything from me. And it didn’t. I hadContinue reading Six months on – my new normal

Part 13: The end of my cancery tale

The happiest ending I can remember sitting in my gynaecologist’s office in early August talking about a likely treatment plan and counting on my fingers and thinking ahead to today. So, after a lumpectomy; insertion of a port-a-cath; two rounds of chemo, or 13 sessions (ending up as weak as a kitten, but looking farContinue reading “Part 13: The end of my cancery tale”

Part 12: Radiotherapy – Star Trek experience

Now I am in the middle of radiotherapy – not quite literally, but almost. So, on 27 January, I can report that my energy levels are right where they were before I started chemo (and I am quite high energy – so maybe there are some who got to like the toned down version?) OneContinue reading “Part 12: Radiotherapy – Star Trek experience”

Part 11: Ready for radiation

I’ve now met my Radiology Consultant and had the preparation appointment, so I am ready for 21 sessions of radiotherapy starting on 14 January. You have several small tattoos and I was apprehensive about them, but they just look like freckles and you’d have to be really looking to notice them. And everyone has toldContinue reading “Part 11: Ready for radiation”

Part 10: After chemo – the road to recovery (almost)

The joy of finishing chemo was everything I could have hoped for. I was blown away by the messages, the flowers, the gifts and the response to publishing my blog. (A reminder again to get those health checks booked in. It really made my day each time someone committed to get checked.) My previous experienceContinue reading “Part 10: After chemo – the road to recovery (almost)”

Part 9: The ultimate Christmas gift – Ringing a different bell

To say I have had a shocking year is an understatement. Covid19 has been about 5th or 6th on my list of bad things this year. But today, I am not letting one negative idea, comment or concept anywhere near me. Today, I have finished chemotherapy. No bells to ring in Switzerland, but metaphorically, IContinue reading “Part 9: The ultimate Christmas gift – Ringing a different bell”