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“Life isn’t about waiting for the storm to pass, it’s about learning how to dance in the rain.” 

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I was diagnosed with triple negative breast cancer on August 3, 2020. I found writing cathartic and was determined to live my best life through each day – the days when I felt fine and those dark days when treatment challenged me to the core. Now the spoiler, I have finished my cancery detour with the best possible prognosis. And can only thank the amazing doctors, nurses, radiologists and receptionists for the very best care.

I will be forever grateful for the love and support of family, friends and colleagues. I have never felt so loved. Kindness is everything xxx

And I am here if anyone needs to chat or has a question (lynetteandmark@hotmail.com)

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Siemens Healthineers Breast Cancer AwarenessOctober 2021 – My story

Two years on

I haven’t updated this site since June 2021, but feel it’s time. The amazing news is that last week I had clear scans (ultrasound and mammogram) at my annual check. That means I am two years cancer-free…

It feels like another life – for which I am incredibly grateful. It is still part of my history and still provides me incredible perspective (a bad day is never quite that bad), but I have always said I will never be grateful that I went through chemo etc. It isn’t all plain sailing. In May, away on business, I had to be admitted to hospital. I still have my chemo port and it caused a thrombosis. I have an appointment tomorrow to see if it has cleared up. I have had four months on blood thinners and couldn’t run, swim, play tennis, do pilates, paddle board etc. during that time. I walked plenty and looked ahead knowing how great it will feel to run and swim and be truly active again.

Last October, just as I started a great new job, I supported Siemens Healthineers with its Breast Cancer awareness activities – you can read that here,,, And this year I want to continue to raise awareness – catching it early made my story have a happy ending and this can make a difference to others. So I am doing a talk for EY Zurich to support their ‘Pink September Month’ click here to register to join virtually or in person (Maagpl. 1, 8005 Zurich – 12-1pm).

I am more than happy to share my story as I know that hearing first-hand from someone encourages people to get checked. And this year, I will be sharing my story in honour of a colleague who has just been diagnosed. Caught early, she has a fabulous prognosis, but I am truly sorry she has to face this. And admire how bravely she is tackling this just weeks after the shock. I am also doing this for another colleague who told me last month that my story made her go through genetic testing due to a strong family history of cancers known to be linked to a gene mutation… Incredibly brave and positive despite the test showing she does have the gene mutation.

We all know and love or have loved people affected by this vile disease, but perhaps you are hesitating to get checked. I only talk about what I went through in the hope that it makes people take action… Please book the appointment right now. It is more than likely that you will get good news.

Back to today, I feel really great now. I have had the all important clear annual mammogram, I may well get my port removed soon. And life is good.

Everyone who has spent time with me in the last two years will know that I have really struggled with the whole hair loss/regrowth thing. It was one of the toughest parts. And again I am grateful. You can only worry about your hair when you have your health. However, it is not to be belittled. I had almost exactly two years either with no hair or a hairstyle that I really disliked. I am often in the spotlight with my job – so having rubbish hair is not great. The photo (left) – six months after chemo – is a great example. I really didn’t like it, but looking back I quite like it! It got worse before it got better…

Mid July on returning from a lovely family holiday I tried to style my hair (after some crazy months of wild hair) and finally I had hair that I am ok with… my 17 year-old son exclaimed: “Mama is back!” Which showed me that I wasn’t over-reacting 🙂

If you are reading this, please reflect on if you are due a check up. And ask your loved ones if they are. And you can reach out to me if you need to talk lynetteandmark@hotmail.com xxx

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