Part 5: Resources

I must confess, I have snuck a few looks on Mr Google and quickly closed the window. However, I wanted to be prepared and there are a million questions nearly each day.

Here are the resources that I have found useful. But none as useful as the conversations with those who have shared their first-hand experience (thank you Vicky, Lena, Anna, Darja and Helene).


  1. BUPA breast care

This was great to understand what would happen after the lump and to understand the basics of the disease

This was the simplest explanation of what triple negative breast cancer is…


  1. The Complete Guide to Breast Cancer Trisha Greenhalgh & Liz O’Riordan

A GP and Consultant Oncoplastic Surgeon who have both been through breast cancer. Both practical, due to their medical backgrounds, but also inspirational due to their determination to live well through their experience of cancer.

  • Radical Remission Kelly A Turner

A researcher who has studied the common factors of those who beat cancer unexpectedly (sometimes without conventional medicine). She outlines the 9 common factors she discovered from her research.

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